Analysis of the trend of the butyl acrylate market this week (12.4-12.7)

In December, the market situation of butyl acrylate improved, with a higher focus. Firstly, demand is weak, and the price of butyl acrylate has increased significantly. This is mainly due to the unexpected increase in upstream raw material prices of butanol and octanol, which has boosted the cost of butyl acrylate manufacturers and greatly boosted market confidence. As a result, the low market supply has improved, and the quotation has also increased. As of Thursday, the market price of butyl acrylate in East China is based on 9800-11200 yuan/ton, an increase of 600 yuan/ton compared to the end of last month.


The price of upstream acrylic acid rebounded from a low level and stabilized, mainly due to the easing of supply shortages in the Shandong propylene market and the impact of crude oil decline. Recently, the market price has experienced a certain decline. In addition, the demand for downstream water reducing agents of acrylic acid, resin SAP and other industries is average, and the market will tend to operate stronger.


In addition, the trend of the ethyl acrylate market is stable, and the market atmosphere is mostly wait-and-see. Downstream users mainly buy small orders in the market. However, due to the rise of related products such as butyl acrylate, the market price has also been relatively strong recently.


From the current profit situation of the industrial chain, it can be seen that butyl acrylate continues to suffer losses. Although the price of butyl acrylate has increased this week, due to the significant increase in raw material prices, the loss of butyl acrylate has increased compared to the end of last month, and the factory is still maintaining its price. Therefore, although the market has limited trading volume due to high prices, there are not many sources of goods in the market, and there is support from cost factors. Therefore, the short-term market for butyl acrylate may still be strong.


Overall, the current rise in the acrylic and ester markets is mainly affected by the rise in raw materials, with downstream seasonal demand weakening and overall industry production declining. But currently, with some products experiencing continuous losses and no significant improvement, the overall industry lacks confidence in the future. It is expected that the market price of butyl acrylate will continue to fluctuate mainly based on the trend of raw material prices.

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