Domestic MIBK market rose slightly during the week

After the festival, the domestic MIBK market rose slightly, mainly due to the wide upward support of acetone at the raw material end. Under the pressure of cost, the focus of negotiation rose by about 100-150 yuan/ton, and the overall negotiation range was 9550-9700 yuan/ton.


Benzalkonium chloride

The acetone at the raw material end was pushed up, and the pressure from the cost side was increased. The acetone negotiation in East China was pushed up to 5400 yuan/ton, and the acetone negotiation in South China was pushed up to 5500 yuan/ton. Last week, restricted by the weather interval transportation short futures, the price holding sentiment of the commodity holders increased, and the offer rose. This is due to the strong support from the cost side. The commodity holders have a strong intention to push up, but the low price does not rise. 

Sodium Molybdate

In the week, the operating rate of MIBK industry was around 80%. Zhejiang Zhenyang’s 15000 t/a MIBK unit was shut down for maintenance on September 17, and the operating rate of the industry continued to decline. It is expected that the supply side will be tightened overall this week. However, from the perspective of the industry as a whole, although the supply pressure is not serious, the downstream just needs to follow up.


The business community expects the domestic MIBK market to be stable or rising, with strong acetone support on the cost side, and MIBK mainly operates at a high price during the maintenance of Zhejiang Zhenyang device, but the increase is limited by the demand side release.

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