Sufficient supply, wide downward trend of propane market

In the middle of September, the trend of domestic propane market was mostly downward, and Shandong propane market fell significantly. According to the data monitoring of the business community, the average price of Shandong propane market was 5915.75 yuan/ton on September 15, and 5668.25 yuan/ton on September 22, with a weekly drop of 4.18%, 0.74% lower than the same period last year.


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As of September 22, the mainstream prices of propane in different regions in China are as follows:

Region/. September 22

Central China, 5950-6150 yuan/ton

North China, 5700-5800 yuan/ton

Shandong, 5600-5700 yuan/ton

Northeast China, 5750-5850 yuan/ton

This week, the domestic propane market mainly declined, while the Shandong propane market fell significantly by 100-250 yuan/ton. The international crude oil fell significantly during the week, and the cost was bad for the market. In terms of market supply, domestic refineries have sufficient supply, which brings certain negative effects. In terms of market demand, the current increase in terminal demand is limited, and the downstream maintains the replenishment on demand, with a cautious mind, and the market trading atmosphere is general. As the National Day holiday approaches, the manufacturer has a certain demand for inventory arrangement before the festival, and most prices are down.


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Saudi Aramco announced in September 2022 that both propane and butane fell. Propane was 650 dollars/ton, down 20 dollars/ton from the previous month; Butane was 630 dollars/ton, down 30 dollars/ton from last month.


On the whole, the international crude oil price has declined and the support from the cost side is insufficient. At present, the increase of terminal demand is not obvious, the enthusiasm of downstream market entry is limited, and the market trading atmosphere is general. The market supply is relatively adequate. With the arrival of the National Day Holiday, the upstream is dominated by inventory discharge, and more price cuts are made to stimulate the downstream to enter the market. It is estimated that the propane market may still weaken in the short term.

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