China’s domestic sulfur price consolidation operation (4.26-4.30)

According to the price monitoring of business news agency, the price trend of sulfur in East China this week was stable. The average price of sulfur production in the week was 1486.67 yuan / ton, with a steady increase of 2.06% compared with the beginning of the month.


This week, the domestic sulfur market was mixed, the domestic refineries in various regions were operating at a low inventory level, the shipment performance was acceptable, the enthusiasm of downstream plants to enter the market was not high, the market lacked substantive information guidance, and the operators had a wait-and-see mentality. During the week, refineries in various regions of China adjusted their prices according to their own shipment situation, and the price of solid and liquid sulfur in East China increased by 30-50 yuan / ton at the same time; The quotation of solid and liquid sulfur in North China is temporarily stable; The price of solid and liquid sulfur in Shandong Province decreased by 10-20 yuan / ton at the same time, and the domestic sulfur market went up as a whole. As of the 30th, the regional price of sulfur in China is as follows:

region varieties April 30th

East China Sulfur (particle) 1490-1590 yuan / ton

North China Sulfur (particle) 1420-1470 yuan / ton

Shandong Province Sulfur (particle) 1460-1510 yuan / ton

In the downstream phosphate fertilizer market, the prices of monoammonium phosphate and diammonium phosphate were weak and stable. The domestic spring ploughing came to an end. The market demand of ammonium phosphate was weakened, the transaction atmosphere was weak, and the future market was weak. In terms of sulfuric acid, the price trend in Shandong was volatile and downward, with a decrease of 2.30% compared with the last weekend. At present, the manufacturers in Shandong have large inventory, general downstream demand, weak sulfuric acid procurement and machinery, and the market of sulfuric acid in the later stage was reorganized and operated.

Sulfur analysts from business news agency believe that at present, the domestic sulfur market is in consolidation operation, the domestic refinery inventory remains low, the supply and demand performance is relatively stable, and the price adjustment of enterprises in various regions is different within a week. Under the guidance of the lack of substantive information in the market, the short-term sulfur market continues to consolidation and wait-and-see, focusing on the downstream follow-up situation.

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