China’s domestic butadiene market slightly warmer

After the festival, the domestic butadiene market slightly recovered due to downstream replenishment. According to the sample data monitored by the business community, as of May 8, the domestic butadiene market price was 6840 yuan / ton, with a month on month increase of 3.69% and a year-on-year increase of 59.23%.

The domestic butadiene market continued to consolidate, and the downstream replenishment after the festival supported the middlemen. The offer was relatively firm, so it was difficult to find the source of low price goods in the market. However, there is no obvious positive effect on the supply side. The short expectation of the medium-term market leads to the low inquiry price in the downstream and the market performance is relatively stalemate.

For enterprises, Sinopec East China butadiene supply price is 6900 yuan / ton; The 30000 T / a butadiene plant in Liaoyang Petrochemical plant has been running steadily, and a small amount of goods are exported. The latest price is 7150 yuan / T; Dalian Hengli Petrochemical’s 140000 T / a butadiene plant has been in stable operation, the source of goods is normal, and the price is stable at 7210 yuan / T. The 120000 T / a butadiene plant of Liaotong Chemical Co., Ltd. is in normal operation. The main source of goods is downstream pipeline transportation, and a small amount of goods are exported.

External price: as of May 7, the external price of butadiene in Asia was stable: FOB Korea closed at US $935-945 / T; CFR China closed at US $945-955 per ton. The external price of butadiene in Europe rose: FOB Rotterdam closed at 1195-1205 US dollars / ton, up 50 US dollars / ton; FD northwest Europe closed at 895-905 euros / ton, up 15 euros / ton.

Region, country, closing price, up and down

Asia FOB Korea 935-945 USD / T 0 USD / ton

Asia CFR China 945-955 USD / T 0 USD / ton

Europe FOB Rotterdam 1195-1205 USD / T $50 / T

Europe FD northwest Europe 895-905 euro / ton 15 euro / ton

In the future, domestic butadiene traders intend to push up the price significantly under the support of strong external price and downstream demand replenishment; However, the short-term market supply side did not show any obvious positive, and the mid-term market expectation was weak, the downstream inquiry was still cautious, and it was difficult for small single rigid demand to bring sustained boost to the market. Business community butadiene analysts expected that the domestic butadiene market would continue to consolidate in the short term.

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