Market price of maleic anhydride dropped sharply before the festival

1、 Price trend



According to the data of the business agency, affected by the weak trading in the market before the festival, the domestic maleic anhydride market fell sharply. As of September 30, the average price of maleic anhydride by benzene hydrogenation method remained at about 9000 yuan / T, which was 3.57% lower than that on September 27 and 29.81% higher than that at the beginning of the month.


The commodity index of maleic anhydride on September 29 was 85.41, down 2.51 points compared with yesterday, 30.94% lower than 123.67 points (2017-12-26), and 66.88% higher than the lowest point of 51.18 points on April 14, 2020.


2、 Analysis of influencing factors


Products: Recently, the domestic maleic anhydride market has become weak, the trade in the industry has turned to be light, the completion degree of stock preparation before the festival is high, and the prices of production enterprises have not changed, some holding traders have reduced their prices to avoid risks. At present, there are about 8800 yuan / ton of solid anhydride in Shandong, 9400 yuan / ton in Jiangsu, 8800 yuan / ton in Shanxi, 8800 yuan / ton in Hebei and 9200 yuan / ton in South China.


Industrial chain: hydrogenation benzene pre season stock has basically completed, the market shock is the main, crude oil benzene outside the plate is not suck up, the good support is limited, the market waits for a visit mood is thicker, at present 3332 yuan / ton; the downstream resin industry predominated by the wait and see, the trade turnover is slow, the transaction is light, but the internal horizontal arrangement is the main.


3、 Future forecast


The maleic anhydride product analysts of the business agency believe that the maleic anhydride market has stabilized after the fall, and the trade volume in the industry is weak, some cargo holders choose to reduce the price of shipment to avoid risks, and more sporadic small orders are traded, so the market is stable and soft in a short period of time.

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