LPG prices rose sharply in the first ten days of October

With the advent of the silver decade, the LPG market finally welcomed the recovery of the market, and continued to rise after the double festival. According to the data monitoring of business agency, the average price of LPG in Shandong market was 2776.67 yuan / ton on October 8, and 3126.67 yuan / ton on October 14, up 12.61% after the festival, down 2.29% from September 1.



This year’s “Jinjiu” LPG civil market did not usher in an upward market, but went further and further in the downward line. However, after entering the “silver decade”, the LPG civil market was more reluctant, and finally met a sharp rebound. During the double festival holiday, the market has opened the upward route. After the festival is continued to rise sharply, the rise in South China is the most prominent rise, the market is more sustained. According to the data monitoring of business agency, taking Guangzhou Petrochemical Company as an example, the civil price of liquefied gas of Guangzhou Petrochemical Company was 2748 yuan / ton on September 30, and 3348 yuan / ton on October 14, with an increase of 600 yuan / ton. Other regions are not weak. The overall center of gravity of the civil gas market has moved up, and now it has risen to more than 3000 yuan / ton.


This rise is not unexpected, in the peak season, rising prices are reasonable. As Xiaobian predicted, the price rise will be late, but it will not be absent. Due to this year’s “Jinjiu” did not rise but fell, the price in September has fallen to a relatively low level. In October, international crude oil rose more than fell, bringing strong support to the market. After the festival, the downstream inventory and replenishment demand was more positive, the manufacturers shipped smoothly, and the inventory was mostly at a low level. In terms of market supply, the import gas at the port decreased significantly compared with that in September. In terms of market demand, the weather temperature continued to drop in October, especially in the northern market, where the terminal demand increased, resulting in a phased imbalance between supply and demand.


On October 14, the mainstream prices of LPG in various regions in China were as follows:

Specification, mode of transportation, region, date, mainstream transaction price

Civil gas and automobile transportation in North China October 14: 3400-3450 yuan / ton

Civil gas and automobile transportation in East China October 14: 3270-3400 yuan / ton

Civil gas and motor transportation in South China October 14 3450-3600 yuan / ton

Civil gas transportation by truck in Shandong province October 14: 3100-3130 yuan / ton

Transportation of civil gas by truck in Northeast China October 14: 3000-3050 yuan / ton

Civil gas and automobile transportation in Western China October 14: 3170-3450 yuan / ton

At present, the performance of LPG civil market in different regions is different. South China continues to rise due to tight supply; North China market increases slightly without pressure on production and sales; Shandong and North China return to stability with good trading atmosphere; although East China rises, the range is narrower than the previous period; Northeast China continues to rise, and local supply is tight; western region continues to focus on Northwest and southwest China Move up, downstream into the market actively.


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LPG futures market’s recent strong rise has brought some support to the spot market


On October 14, the opening price of the main contract of LPG futures in 2011 was 3699, the highest price was 3761, the lowest price was 3668, the closing price was 3737, the previous settlement price was 3687, and the settlement price was 3723, with an increase of 50 or 1.35%. The trading volume was 116423, the position was 33984, and the daily increase was – 2200. (unit: yuan / ton)


At present, the trend of domestic LPG civil market varies from region to region, but the trend is relatively strong. At present, the downstream market entry is more positive, the manufacturers’ shipment situation is good, and the inventory is mostly at a low level. In October, with the weather cooling down, the terminal demand is still expected to improve, and the current international crude oil rose more or less, bringing some support to the LPG market. However, due to the rapid rise this time and the limited downstream acceptance capacity, it is expected that the rising route will remain unchanged and the increase may be narrowed.


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