The price of pure benzene fluctuated weakly this week (from January 13, 2020 to January 17, 2020)

1、 Price trend



According to a large number of business news reports, this week’s pure benzene rose after the fall, a weak shock. Last Friday, the price of pure benzene was 5500-5950 yuan / ton, and this Friday, the price of pure benzene was 5600-5950 yuan / ton, 0.17% higher than last week.


2、 Analysis and comment


1. Products: near the Spring Festival, pure benzene port inventory has accumulated. With the completion of downstream replenishment of inventory, the completion of traders’ replenishment of empty space and insufficient crude oil support, the operation of pure benzene is weak this week.


2. Crude oil: this week, oil prices fell in shock. Early in the week, the impact of tensions in the Middle East subsided, and the focus of the market turned to the impact of the surge in US oil product inventories. On Wednesday morning, the United States and China signed the first stage trade agreement, which was good for oil prices, and oil prices began to pick up. WTI fell 0.7% and Brent 3.78% compared to January 10.


ammonium persulfate

3. Downstream industry: styrene price is stable this week compared with last week. Due to the downstream stock up before the festival, the shipment of aniline was smooth, and the price was increased by 1.56% compared with last week. Most of the downstream products of pure benzene are in the loss of theoretical production and lack of support for the price of pure benzene.


4. External market: the current external market pure benzene is close to the contract negotiation next month, some businesses have a strong price mentality, the overall external market price shows a small upward trend, but the support for the domestic market is weak.


3、 Future forecast


1. Crude oil: next week, affected by the signing of the first stage trade agreement between China and the United States, oil prices are expected to gradually pick up.


2. Market: Hengli Petrochemical styrene will be tested in late January, when the sales volume of pure benzene will be reduced, it will be good for pure benzene. However, the announcement of the latest Sino US trade agreement raised industry concerns about the inflow of styrene from the United States. The market price of styrene has a downside risk, which is bad for the pure benzene market.


Comprehensive consideration, it is expected that the price of pure benzene in the later period will be lower or weaker.

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