PS shipment slows down, price goes down

1、 Price trend


PS market trend is generally stable. Before the festival, the downstream purchases on demand, the overall market trading performance is poor, and the pace of shipment has slowed down significantly. Price: the main quotation of GPPS is 9150-10300 yuan / ton, and that of hips is 9950-11300 yuan / ton.


ammonium persulfate

2、 Market analysis


PS market situation: Zhanjiang Zhongmei PS factory price, 525 price is 8900 yuan / ton. The ex factory price of CITIC Guoan PS is 9500 yuan / ton for 525, and 9500 yuan / ton for Jiangsu saibaolong PS.


3、 Future forecast


PS market has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere, and the overall transaction atmosphere is not ideal. The factory quotation of petrochemical enterprises has been lowered individually, which may form a certain negative guidance for PS quotation of plastic city. PS market trend is expected to be weak forward.

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