Nitric acid price is temporarily stable this week (1.13-1.17)

1、 Price trend chart of nitric acid Market


Nitric acid price curve


(photo source: Commodity analysis system of Business Club)


According to the monitoring of the business agency, the average price of nitric acid in East China this week was 1583 yuan / ton, and the offer was temporarily stable.


ammonium persulfate

2、 Market analysis


Products: the price of concentrated nitric acid for individual enterprises declined, and that of Jiangsu Hongze Yinzhu Chemical Co., Ltd. was 1500 yuan / ton, with stable price; that of Anhui Jinhe was 1450 yuan / ton on Monday, with 50 yuan / ton lower than the previous price; that of Shandong helitai concentrated nitric acid was 1800 yuan / ton, with stable price temporarily. Wenshui Synthetic Chemical Co., Ltd. offers 1750 yuan / ton, which is temporarily stable; Huainan Audley chemical concentrated nitric acid offers 1500 yuan / ton, which is basically stable; nitric acid demand has not improved, and the price trend is weak.


Industry chain: liquid ammonia, the upstream raw material of nitric acid, rose 1.11% this week (1.13-17) according to the monitoring of the business society, mainly due to the slight price increase of some enterprises at the beginning of the week, mainly affected by the low ammonia volume of enterprises. Downstream aniline, the overall weak operation.


3、 Future forecast


To sum up, the nitric acid analyst of the business association predicted that the nitric acid may continue to be weak.

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