China’s domestic p-xylene price trend temporarily stabilized in September

Domestic price trends:

According to statistics, the domestic price of p-xylene was stable in September. At the beginning of the month, the domestic price was 6,600 yuan/ton, and at the end of the month, the domestic price of PX was 6,600 yuan/ton. The price trend was stable, declining by 40% year on year. The price of PX external market remained low and volatile. The dependence of domestic PX market on foreign markets was high, and the domestic price trend was stable.

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Recent domestic market prices of p-xylene maintained low level, domestic PX operating rate of about 8 per cent, Sinochem Petrochemical 600 thousand tons of new petrochemical plant put into operation, Yangzi Petrochemical plant stable operation, Fuhai set up a start-up line, stable operation of petro chemical plant, Yangshi petrochemical PX plant operates normally, Jinling Petrochemical plant runs smoothly, and the Li Dong plant operates at full load. The Qilu Petrochemical plant has been operating stably. The operation of the petrochemical plant has reached about 5. The Hengli petrochemical plant has run normally, and the domestic p-xylene supply is normal, and the domestic market price has remained stable. Affected by the impact of international crude oil prices, the price of PX external market rose slightly in September. As of 27, the closing price in Asia reached 779-781 US dollars / ton FOB Korea and 798-800 US dollars / ton CFR China. Recently, Saudi Arabia Amy has set up a 700 thousand ton PX device in parking repair, and there are still several sets of PX installed in Asia for maintenance. Overall, the operation rate of p-xylene plant in Asia is around 7, and Asia. Regional PX supply is normal, PX external closing price is rising, which is good for the domestic market, while domestic market price of p-xylene is temporarily stable.

In September, the closing price of international crude oil was put down for the first time. As of 27 days, the US WTI crude oil futures market price was quoted at 55.91 US dollars / barrel. The price of Brent crude oil futures was quoted at 61.91 US dollars / barrel. The closing price of crude oil has been maintained between 50-60 US dollars / barrel, and the cost supporting effect for downstream petrochemical products is limited. The domestic market of p-xylene is stable.
The price trend of PTA downstream market slightly declined in September. As of the 30th day, East China PTA market talks were around 5100-5200 yuan. At the beginning of the month, Hengli Petrochemical announced its September overhaul plan for 2.2 million tons of plant, which to some extent boosted market sentiment and PTA rebounded slightly. However, due to the planned overhaul device has not yet been implemented, as well as market concerns about the supply side erupted, prices fell. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, there were concerns about the supply of crude oil due to the attack on Saudi oil fields. Driven by this, the domestic chemical sector rose and climbed, but then the cost support weakened due to the Saudi crude oil recovery rate far exceeding expectations. Fortunately, the domestic equipment maintenance plan increased, to some extent, supporting the PTA price. In September, PTA price maintained about 90% of the start-up rate, and the polyester industry. Starting at about 89%, the lower Jiangsu and Zhejiang looms have been operating at about 75%, the lower PTA market has maintained a high starting rate, which guarantees the upstream demand for p-xylene, and the price trend of PX market is stable.

Chen Ling, an analyst with business association PX, believes that the recent volatility of crude oil prices and the maintenance of 90% of the downstream PTA market start-up rate have increased demand for upstream PX, and the price of PX market is expected to rise slightly in the later period.

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