The caustic soda market is stable with small Volatility range this week (8.12-16)

Price trends:

According to the monitoring data of business associations, the caustic soda market was stable and small this week. The overall load of the equipment affected by typhoon decreased and the price increased narrowly. However, business associations monitored the overall stability of prices in Shandong, with an offer of 705 yuan/ton of caustic soda in Shandong up to now, which was stable within a week.

II. Market Analysis

Product: The price of caustic soda is stable and small this week. In North China, such as Shandong, the start-up rate of typhoon-affected devices has been reduced, while in some factories, it has been narrowly increased, but the overall impact is not significant. Market TRADERS’purchasing enthusiasm has increased, market supply is tense, and turnover has increased. East China as a whole is relatively weak, and the demand for lower demand is generally affected by the impact of the surrounding market.

ammonium persulfate

Industry chain: 32 liquid alkali overall trend is stable, short-term typhoon impact device start-up rate decreased, supply is slightly tense, liquid chlorine market steady upward, Shandong and East China Xiaoxian obvious, up to the present price of liquid chlorine in Shandong region increased by 100 yuan/ton, Jiangsu Anhui region has also significantly increased.

Industry: Affected by typhoon, the production of chlor-alkali market in Shandong Province has been cut down a lot, and transportation has been hindered, and supply and demand have been reduced.

Business analysts believe that: after the disaster, the equipment has been restored, but the supply can not be improved in the short term. Next week or there is speculation, we still need to pay attention to the downstream factories. We expect that the caustic soda market will adjust narrowly in the short term, and see the downstream market demand specifically.

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