Mainstream quotations for PAC remained stable this week (8.12-8.18)

Commodity Index: On August 18, the Polyaluminium Chloride Commodity Index was 104.50, unchanged from yesterday, down 3.34% from the peak of 108.11 points in the cycle (2019-04-24), and up 3.57% from the low of 100.90 points on April 09, 2019. (Note: Period refers to 2019-04-01 to date)


Price quotation: Among the main manufacturers monitored by business associations, the mainstream price of domestic polyaluminium chloride market was 1933.33 yuan/ton on August 1, and the market price of this product was stable at 1933.33 yuan/ton on August 18. In addition, the quotation of some factories in Gongyi District of Henan Province has risen. According to the monitoring data of the commercial association (, the price range of the domestic market of polyaluminium chloride at present is: solid polyaluminium chloride (industrial grade, content (>28%) with tax quotation of 1800-2200 yuan/ton, liquid (industrial grade, content 10-12%) with tax quotation of 350-500 yuan/ton, the quotation of individual manufacturers rises, and solid quotation of polyaluminium chloride increases. Up 100-200 yuan/ton, liquid up to 50 yuan/ton, the overall range of domestic price quotations increased.

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Industry chain: In recent upstream raw materials of polyaluminium chloride, the price of hydrochloric acid has been stable this week. According to the monitoring data of business associations, the mainstream price of hydrochloric acid market was 123.33 yuan/ton from 13th to 18th. The downstream demand for polyaluminium chloride is also stable.

Industry: In late last month, the water purification and environmental protection enterprises of Yongan Road Street Office in Gongyi City, Henan Province, received the “stop-production notice” recently. The notice requests that according to the analysis of the environmental pollution situation and the future polluted weather situation in the city, the municipal attack and fortification office requires all the deep treatment enterprises to stop production and control before acceptance, and set up according to the attack and fortification. Production can be resumed after dispatch or acceptance. This week, local manufacturers said they were allowed to resume production for 10 days and asked to stop production again from the 15th.

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Gongyi City, Henan Province, issued a circular on the deep management of enterprise shutdown (see below):


Future forecast: In the near future, the downstream demand of polyaluminium chloride is still relatively stable, the price of hydrochloric acid in the upstream is stable, and the production of polyaluminium chloride is stopped again after the resumption of production. The price of polyaluminium chloride of the discontinued manufacturers has increased greatly. In the future, such manufacturers still rely on inventory and pricing of the resumption time, and continue to pay close attention to the environmental impact.

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