PS price is stable, market reaction is general

Price Trend

This week, the domestic PS market quotation is mainly stable, the market turnover is flat, the buying mentality is confused, mostly wait-and-see mood. At present, the latest GPPS mainstream quotation is 9850-10500 yuan/ton, and HIPS mainstream quotation is 10500-12000 yuan/ton.

II. Market Analysis

PS market quotation: Guangzhou Petrochemical PS factory price 525 quoted 9550 yuan/ton. Zhanjiang Sino-US PS ex-factory price, 525 quoted for 10,000 yuan/ton. CITIC Guoan PS ex-factory price, 525 quoted for 10,100 yuan/ton. The market is stable in delivery and the atmosphere is general.

3. Future Market Forecast

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PS market is mainly stable. Lower downstream factories are not willing to accept goods, resulting in less actual turnover, and the market is still under downward pressure. It is expected that the PS market will move steadily on the whole and be partially consolidated.

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