TDI Market Price Trend Stable on July 26

Price Trend

On July 26, the TDI commodity index was 72.66, unchanged from yesterday, down 70.70% from the cycle peak of 248.02 points (2016-10-19), and up 20.76% from the lowest point of 60.17 on February 22, 2016. (Note: Period refers to 2011-09-01 to date).

II. Market Analysis

Product: According to statistics, the price trend of TDI in East China market is temporarily stable. The price of TDI in East China market is 13733.33 yuan/ton as of 26. The market of TDI in East China is on the strong side, and the overall atmosphere of the venue is slightly increased. However, the following-up is still depressed, the mindset of the operators is divergent, and the high and low quotations coexist. Domestic goods with tickets out of the warehouse offer reference 13500-13700 yuan/ton, Shanghai goods with tickets out of the warehouse offer reference 13700-13900 yuan/ton, a single talk, mainly practical negotiations.

Industry chain: Upstream toluene, compared with the previous trading day, Sinopec’s enterprises today’s toluene listing price unchanged. Shandong Geotechnical Refining Company’s listing price was lowered by about 50 yuan/ton today. Traders today quoted a steady price, East China quoted about 5480 yuan / ton; nitric acid, the market demand is still acceptable, the market is temporarily stable.

ammonium persulfate

Industry: There are slight differences in the mindset of the on-site traders. The offer is rising steadily and interacting with each other. The atmosphere of inquiry and trading is still light, and the follow-up is not smooth. However, with the announcement of Basf’s listing, the mindset of the traders has become stronger and the stage of supply-demand game is in progress.

III. Price Forecast

TDI business analysts believe that the short-term domestic TDI market is stable and relatively strong, focusing on factory information surface guidance.

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