PX market declined sharply in March

Price trends:

According to statistics, the price trend of domestic p-xylene factory in March dropped sharply. At the end of the month, the average price was 8,100 yuan/ton, 10% lower than that at the beginning of the month, and 8.0% higher than that at the beginning of the month.

2. Market analysis:

Products: In March, the domestic market price trend of p-xylene declined sharply. The domestic PX start-up rate was more than 70%. Fuhaichuang Aromatic Hydrocarbon Unit started a line. Pengzhou Petrochemical Unit operated steadily. Yangtze Petrochemical PX Unit operated normally. Jinling Petrochemical Unit operated smoothly. Qingdao Lidong Unit operated steadily at full load. Qilu Petrochemical Unit operated steadily. Urumqi Petrochemical Unit started about 50%. Hengli Petrochemical PX new plant has been put into operation, with a capacity of up to 4.5 million tons and a capacity of 2.25 million tons. The domestic supply of p-xylene has increased dramatically, and the domestic market price of p-xylene has fallen sharply. In March, Sinopec’s PX settlement price fell by 280 yuan/ton to 8720 yuan/ton, and Sinopec’s decline in settlement price was a big shortfall for domestic price rise of p-xylene. In March, the start-up rate of paraxylene plant in Asia was around 70%, and the supply of PX in Asia was normal. But in March, the price of PX external market fell sharply. The closing price at the end of the month was US$1024-1026/ton FOB Korea and US$1043-1045/ton CFR China, which was 30 US dollars/ton lower than the foreign price at the end of February. More than 50% of domestic products needed to be imported. The closing price of PX external market declined. Market prices fell sharply.


Industry Chain: Domestic crude oil price closed higher in March. As of 28 days, US WTI crude oil futures market price in May was 59.30 US dollars/barrel, Brent crude oil futures price in May was 67.82 US dollars/barrel. The price of crude oil closed higher, which has cost support for downstream petrochemical products, but the price of PX market was lower affected by the increase in supply. The price of PTA market in the lower reaches of China rose slightly in March. By the end of the month, the PTA market in East China had talked about 6,500-6,600 yuan. In March, PTA rose by 1.87%. The higher price of PTA market in the lower reaches is undoubtedly a good influence of the PX market. In March, the start-up rate of PTA plant maintained about 80%, while that of downstream polyester plant was about 80%. The start-up rate of textile industry in Jiangsu and Zhejiang increased. The start-up rate of downstream PTA and polyester products increased, which had a positive effect on the market price of p-xylene. However, the domestic market price of p-xylene fell sharply.

Industry: In March, the market of textile industry rose, the start rate of textile industry rose slightly, the price of crude oil remained volatile, and the market of raw material PX declined.

3. Future market forecast:

Chen Ling, an analyst with business association PX, believes that crude oil prices have remained high in the near future, PTA market prices have risen in the lower reaches, textile polyester start-up rate in the lower reaches has remained high, and domestic market supply of p-xylene has increased. PX market prices are expected to remain 8,100 yuan/ton in March.

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