China’s ethanol market remained stable on March 6

Price Trend

According to the monitoring data of business associations, as of March 6, the average price of domestic ethanol market was 5383 yuan/ton, and the domestic ethanol market was mainly stable.

II. Market Analysis

Products: The ethanol market continues to rise in some parts of the northern market, the willingness of enterprises to pull up is more obvious, the inventory of enterprises is not high, the Northeast region carries out more contract orders, the downstream chemical purchasing is stable, the quotation of enterprises in South China is stable, and the downstream basically maintains the state of just need.

Industry Chain: Maize: Maize supply is sufficient and the market demand for farming is still recovering. In theory, the price of maize will continue to fall. Ethyl acetate: The domestic market of ethyl acetate is weak. Under the trend of continuous decline of suppliers in Shandong Province, the downstream market is colder for ethyl acetate purchase, and under the weakness of acetic acid, the cost and demand of ethyl acetate are double negative, and the market is obviously weak. Affected by the weakness of North China and East China, the downstream market is continuing to wait and see for ethyl acetate, and the market weakness gradually becomes clear under the blocked transaction.

3. Future Market Forecast

The possibility of sustained growth in some parts of the ethanol market. Low inventory in Northeast China will continue, export orders will continue, and chemical demand will be stable. Ethanol analysts from business associations predict that the domestic ethanol market will show a regional trend in the near future.

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