March 4, China’s Domestic Polymerized MDI Market High Level Arrangement

Price Trend

According to the price monitoring of business associations, as of March 4, the average price of domestic aggregated MDI market was 14925 yuan/ton, and the overall market was in high order, with consumption rising mainly.

II. Market Analysis

Products: Domestic aggregated MDI market high-end finishing, no market at a price. The intra-venue TRADERS’offer remains high and stable, while the downstream prices are high and conflicting, with very few transactions. Next week, the manufacturer will control the quantity of shipment. Traders expect the offer to remain high and wait and see the transaction. In the short run, if the trading trend is good, the price will continue to be high, and if the trading weakness continues, the price is expected to have a downward trend.

On the market side, the aggregate MDI market in North China is deadlocked. Market news is chaotic, the mentality of middlemen is divergent, some traders profit-making offer delivery, the market is mainly real single negotiation, downstream just need to follow up caution, high market trading is not smooth. Individual supply quotations in East China Polymerization MDI market moved up. In the first week of March, Wanhua controlled the volume of goods released, and some suppliers were reluctant to sell at low prices. However, downstream demand was weak and market inquiry atmosphere was not good. South China Polymerization MDI market consolidation operation. The downstream market just needs weak, the market follow-up is insufficient, the middleman is cautious about the future, stable price delivery is the main.

Industry chain: raw materials, pure benzene: East China pure benzene market buying and selling prices rose. At present, the spot purchase price is 4950 yuan/ton and the sale price is 5000 yuan/ton. In March, we bought 4970 yuan/ton and sold 5020 yuan/ton. In April, we bought 4990 yuan/ton and sold 5050 yuan/ton. Aniline: Aniline market is stable. Some rubber additives enterprises in Henan and Hebei are limited by environmental protection, and their demand for aniline is general, while there is no obvious impact in other areas. Factory shipment is acceptable, Shandong mainstream negotiation price refers to 5900-6000 yuan/ton spot, 6040-6140 yuan/ton acceptance. East China is dominated by ship cargo and contract customers, with a small amount of shipments in the market. Mainstream negotiations in East China are about acceptance of 6500-6600 yuan/ton. A small amount of low-end 6400 yuan/ton price is heard to exist.

3. Future Market Forecast

Business Cooperative Perspective: On the positive side, the latest prices of many enterprises have increased broadly; some businesses are positively bullish. On the short side, there are many stockpiles in the downstream in the early stage, and the purchasing is limited; the downstream just needs to recover slowly. Analysts of business associations aggregated MDI expect the aggregated MDI market to remain stable and wait-and-see.

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