Broad upward trend in the domestic MIBK market

The domestic MIBK market has shown a broad upward trend. The tight spot supply situation is difficult to improve. Under the influence of multiple factory price increases, the market has continued to rise significantly. According to the Commodity Analysis System of the Business Society, the market quoted 14433 yuan/ton on September 1 and 17367 yuan/ton on September 19, with a cumulative increase of 21% in September,


The MIBK market has risen, with mainstream negotiated prices in East China exceeding 17300 yuan/ton. The tight spot resource situation in the market is difficult to improve, and cargo holders are pushing up their offers again.


In terms of cost, the East China acetone market has been continuously rising, pushing it up to 7550 yuan/ton last week. On the 18th, the market eased and negotiations weakened. This was mainly due to the weakening of replenishment sentiment after a round of procurement in the early stage, and the profit-making space taken by intermediate traders, resulting in a significant daily decline of 250 yuan/ton in trading volume. The East China acetone market was negotiated at 7250 yuan/ton. For downstream MIBK, the sustained rise in acetone in the early stages still provides support.


From the perspective of the business community, the current industry operating rate is at 50%, with a slight increase in domestic supply but little impact. Currently, it is time to stock up before the National Day holiday, and the supply is relatively concentrated. Traders are pushing up their offers. Business Society predicts that there is still room for upward growth in the short-term MIBK market.

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