Coal tar price rises again (May 26 to June 2)

According to the monitoring of the commodity market analysis system of the business community, the auction price of the high-temperature coal tar market continued to rise sharply this week. From May 26 to June 2, the domestic coal tar price rose from 3960 yuan/ton to 4372.5 yuan/ton, and the price rose 10.42% in the cycle.


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This week, the auction price of coal tar in Shandong continued to rise. This week, the price in Shandong increased by 400 yuan/ton, to 4360 yuan/ton. This week, the supply of coal tar was slightly tight, and the coking enterprises had a strong attitude of supporting prices. The auction price of coal tar continued to rise. In terms of downstream demand, the prices of deeply processed goods continued to rise this week, leading to a rebound in demand for raw materials. Under the support of both supply and demand, tar prices will continue to rise this week.


On June 2, the auction of coal tar in the main domestic production area of the week ended basically. Among them, the Shanxi region received 4380-4420 yuan/ton, an increase of 380-450 yuan/ton compared to the previous auction price. In the Shandong region, it is at 4360 yuan/ton, an increase of about 400 yuan/ton. In the Hebei region, it is 4350 yuan/ton, an increase of 450 yuan/ton. In the Jiangsu region, it increased by 400 yuan/ton at 4360 yuan/ton.


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The K-bar chart of commodity prices uses the concept of a price trend K-line to reflect weekly or monthly price fluctuations in the form of a bar chart. Investors can buy and sell investments based on the changes in the K-bar chart. Red indicates an increase; Green indicates a decline; The height of the K-bar represents the range of fluctuations. From the above monthly coal tar K column chart, it can be seen that since November 2022, the coal tar market has declined for three consecutive months. The price recovered in February, fell sharply in March, and the decline again expanded in April. The weekly K column chart shows that the coal tar market rose sharply for three consecutive weeks after falling for six consecutive weeks.


This week, the coking enterprises started construction at about 74%, basically flat compared with last week. The supply of coal tar is slightly tight, and the coking enterprises are reluctant to sell at high prices. The market prices of coal tar pitch, carbon black and other major commodities in the downstream deep processing industry continued to rise this week, boosting the mentality of the tar market. The tar price continued to rise this week under the support of the common good of supply and demand. Future market: The coal tar market has risen for three consecutive weeks, with an overall increase of 1400-1600 yuan/ton. At present, the market has a cautious attitude. With the temporary slowdown in demand for terminal commodity restocking this week, downstream sentiment towards high priced raw materials is gradually rising. On the whole, the business community predicted that the coal tar market would be stable and strong in the future, but there was limited room for growth. The market was weak in the downstream resistance. The future trend still needs to pay specific attention to the trend of major downstream commodities such as coal tar and asphalt.

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