Acetic acid prices rose first and then fell in May

According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of the Business Society, the price trend of acetic acid in May first rose and then fell. At the beginning of the month, the average price of acetic acid was 3233.33 yuan/ton, and at the end of the month, the price was 3250.00 yuan/ton. The overall increase during the month was 0.52%, and the price decreased by 39.02% year-on-year.


Benzalkonium chloride

As of the end of the month, the details of acetic acid market prices in various regions of China in May are as follows:


Region/ May 4th/ May 17th/ May 31st

South China region/ 3125 yuan/ton/ 3150 yuan/ton/ 3150 yuan/ton

North China region/ 3025 yuan/ton/ 3025 yuan/ton/ 2950 yuan/ton

Shandong region/ 3025 yuan/ton/ 3075 yuan/ton/ 3000 yuan/ton

Jiangsu region/ 3000 yuan/ton/ 3075 yuan/ton/ 3075 yuan/ton

Zhejiang region/ 3100 yuan/ton/ 3175 yuan/ton/ 3175 yuan/ton

In early May, the price trend of acetic acid continued to rise, with no pressure on enterprise inventory, stable follow-up of downstream demand, smooth shipment of manufacturers, and a continuous increase in the focus of acetic acid transactions; In the middle of the day, the market trading performance was light, with downstream buyers mainly focusing on demand, while acetic acid manufacturers remained stable in their shipments, and the market situation remained stable on the sidelines; In the latter half of the year, after the price of acetic acid was lowered, it operated smoothly. The enthusiasm for downstream procurement was average, and market transactions were weak. The acetic acid market remained stable and weak.


Sodium Molybdate

The raw material methanol market has weakened and decreased, with an average domestic market price of 2160.00 yuan/ton at the end of the month, a decrease of 10.87% compared to the price of 2423.33 yuan/ton on May 1st. The price of raw coal has declined, the cost side lacks positive support, and the social inventory of methanol in the supply side continues to accumulate. Coupled with the influx of imported goods, market confidence is insufficient, downstream purchasing and follow-up are insufficient, supply is strong and demand is weak, and the price of methanol has fallen again and again.


The downstream acetic anhydride market fluctuated and declined in May, with a price of 5387.50 yuan/ton at the end of the month, a decrease of 1.15% compared to the price of 5450.00 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month. The price of raw material acetic acid first rose and then fell, and the overall price did not change much. The cost support for acetic anhydride was limited, the production of acetic anhydride was low, the market supply was insufficient, downstream demand was average, and the trading atmosphere on the market was light. Enterprises followed the market, and the acetic anhydride market stabilized and operated.


Analysts from the Business Society believe that acetic acid companies have no inventory pressure, manufacturers are actively shipping, and downstream demand side mentality is wait-and-see, continuing to follow up on just what is needed. The market lacks effective benefits, and the rise of acetic acid is weak. Under the supply and demand game, it is expected that the acetic acid market will consolidate and operate in the future, and specific attention will be paid to changes in supplier equipment.

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