Propane market rose first and then fell slightly overall

This week, Shandong propane market rose first and then fell, and then gave up its gains, and finally ended down. According to the data monitoring of the business community, the average price of Shandong propane market was 5782 yuan/ton on December 5 and 5762 yuan/ton on December 9, with a drop of 0.35% in the week, up 4.81% compared with the same period last year.


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As of December 19, the mainstream prices of propane in different regions in China are as follows:

Region, December 19

In South China, 5750-5800 yuan/ton

North China, 5750-5900 yuan/ton

Shandong, 5650-5800 yuan/ton

Northeast China, 5400-5700 yuan/ton

This week (12.5-12.9), the domestic propane market rose first and then fell. At the beginning of the week, with the liberalization of epidemic prevention policies in various regions, the market atmosphere improved. Downstream companies actively entered the market, and propane enterprises steadily rose. In the second half of the period, the international crude oil and external market prices fell significantly, which depressed the market mentality, dragged down the upward trend of propane, and the news was negative. At the same time, the procurement of downstream chemical products such as PDH was not active, which further depressed the propane market. As of this Friday, the rise of propane had reversed, and the decline was greater than the increase. The mainstream price in Shandong was 5750-5800 yuan/ton.


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Saudi Aramco introduced CP in December 2022, with propane of 650 dollars/ton, up 40 dollars/ton from last month; Butane is 650 dollars/ton, up 40 dollars/ton from last month.


On the whole, the news support is insufficient, the demand side has no substantial improvement, the profits of some downstream products are poor, and the procurement is restrained. It is expected that the propane market will be dominated by weak shocks next week.

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