MIBK market rose sharply in November

The MIBK market ran smoothly in the first ten days of November. After the middle of the month, MIBK rose sharply due to tight supply, cost support and demand. According to the monitoring data of the business community, the MIBK market price was 11633 yuan/ton on November 1, and the market price rose to 13333.3 yuan/ton on December 1, up 14.6%.


Benzalkonium chloride

The supply of MIBK market was tight in November. During the month, Jilin Petrochemical’s 15000 t/a MIBK unit was shut down for one month from October 12 to November 10. During the continuous shutdown of Dongying Yimeide’s 15000 t/a unit, the domestic operating rate was 70%. It is understood that the domestic monthly output was 8000 tons, down 10% month on month.


The downstream antioxidant industry has sufficient orders, and the demand for raw materials is fair. The downstream antioxidant 4020 factory mainly delivered more orders, and the factory MIBK directly connected with the antioxidant factory. The distribution to the market circulation was limited, and the traders had few supplies. The attitude of being reluctant to sell was obvious. Other downstream enterprises mainly made small orders, and a large number of supplies were difficult to find, supporting the continuous growth of the raw material MIBK market.


Sodium Molybdate

The acetone at the raw material end was boosted by strong support from the cost side. Taking the acetone market in East China as an example, the mainstream negotiated price at the beginning of the month was 5400 yuan/ton, and the market rose to 6150 yuan/ton as of the 28th, with a market increase of 13.9%. Although acetone fell sharply at the end of the month, the main stream of acetone, as the raw material of MIBK products, continued to push up in November, with strong support from the cost side.


From the perspective of the business community, the supply of MIBK in December has improved, and acetone has continued to fall since the end of November, with a significant downward trend. In December, the inventory and maintenance plans of some enterprises in the downstream of MIBK are expected to decline, and the logistics impact in December was great, and the cost increased accordingly. However, on the whole, the current market circulation resources are still limited. The short-term MIBK market is stable and stable, and the negotiation is expected to be 13300-13400 yuan/ton.


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