Nylon filament market fell in November

In November 2022, both upstream and downstream of the nylon filament market were negatively affected, the market continued to be weak, and the price fell. The supply of goods in the market remained sufficient and stable, the spot supply of caprolactam was sufficient, the price fell, the weakness of nylon chips followed up, the cost side of nylon filament was negative, and the enterprise’s offer was slightly lower. The wait-and-see atmosphere of downstream enterprises has increased, the terminal textile and clothing consumption is still insufficient, the enthusiasm for fabric procurement is not high, and the market transaction atmosphere continues to be weak.


Benzalkonium chloride

Market price trend


Nylon price chart


Price trend chart of nylon POY (86D/24F)


According to the price monitoring of the business community, the price of nylon filament fell in November. As of November 30, 2022, the price of nylon filament DTY (superior product; 70D/24F) in Jiangsu Province was 17960 yuan/ton, 360 yuan/ton lower than the price at the beginning of the month, with a monthly drop of 1.97%; Nylon POY (Premium; 86D/24F) quoted 15600 yuan/ton, 400 yuan/ton lower than the price at the beginning of the month, with a monthly drop of 2.50%; Nylon FDY (superior product: 40D/12F) price was 18525 yuan/ton, 275 yuan/ton lower than the price at the beginning of the month, with a monthly drop of 1.46%.


Upstream raw material market


Price rise and fall chart of nylon filament industry chain


Caprolactam ran weakly in November, and the price fell. According to the bulk list data of business cooperatives, the domestic caprolactam continued to be in the downward channel in November. On November 1, the average price of domestic liquid caprolactam market was 12500 yuan/ton, and on November 30, the average price of domestic liquid caprolactam market was 12200 yuan/ton, with a monthly drop of 2.4%. Fundamentally negative, the prices of upstream crude oil and pure benzene fell. In terms of supply, with the restart and recovery of northern units, the supply of caprolactam has increased, and the terminal operating load still has a downward trend. It is expected that the caprolactam market will continue to be weak in the short term.


Sodium Molybdate

Supply and demand


At present, nylon yarn starts stably, 70% of the total starts are on the high side, the on-site supply is sufficient, the inventory is high, and the market is dominated by many main forces to digest the inventory. On the whole, the textile market is hard to hide the weak trend this month. Weaving manufacturers’ enthusiasm for stocking raw materials has declined. The market atmosphere is cold and the terminal demand is weak. The weaving machine rate has also weakened again. Bad news has flowed out from many places. Most weaving factories maintain the minimum load production.


Future market forecast


In the later stage, the upstream raw materials are weak and low, the supply of goods in the market remains stable, the downstream demand is weak, and the overall demand for textile terminals will decrease. Analysts from the business community expect that the nylon filament market will continue its weak finishing operation in the later period.


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