The overall melamine market rose slightly in September

According to the monitoring sample data of the business community, as of September 27, the average price of melamine enterprises was 8366.67 yuan/ton, 0.80% higher than that on September 1, and 12.24% lower than that on a three-month cycle.



In September, the melamine market fluctuated and rose slightly, and the market atmosphere was weak near the end of the month. At the beginning of the month, there was some support on the cost side, but the downstream was mainly bearish, the purchase intention was not strong, and the market was weak. With the rising price of raw urea, the support on the cost side continued to strengthen. Some enterprises received orders for export, but the domestic trade needed to follow up. The low operating rate of the industry and the cost led to the rise of the melamine market. After the rise, the downstream was in conflict with the high price of goods, and more rigid goods needed to be purchased. The manufacturers mainly implemented early orders, The focus of the market negotiation was at a high level, the cost support remained in the late decade, and the operating rate was low, but the demand side was not good, enterprises cut prices to attract orders, the high-end price of the melamine market was loose, and the market atmosphere was weak.



On September 26, the benchmark price of upstream urea was 2553.00 yuan/ton, up 6.38% compared with 2400.00 yuan/ton on September 1.


Melamine analysts from the business community believe that the cost is still supported at present, and the downstream stores are properly stocked up before the festival, but the demand is still poor, and the market atmosphere is general. It is expected that the melamine market will be weak and stable in the short term, and more attention should be paid to the market news guidance.

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