Organosilicon DMC continued its decline this week (6.13-6.21)

According to the monitoring data of the business club, as of June 21, 2022, the market price of organosilicon DMC in mainstream regions was 20500 yuan / ton, which was 540 yuan / ton lower than the price on June 17, 2022 (organosilicon DMC reference price of 21040 yuan / ton), a decrease of 2.57%, and 1400 yuan / ton lower than the price on June 13, 2022 (organosilicon DMC reference price of 21900 yuan / ton), a decrease of 6.39%.


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It can be seen from the data monitoring chart of the business club that this week, the overall decline of the domestic organosilicon DMC market continued last week, and the market price continued to adjust downward. Last week, the domestic market price of organosilicon DMC was lowered successively, and the price of large factories in Shandong was adjusted from 22300 yuan / ton to around 20800 yuan / ton. This week, the organosilicon DMC market as a whole continued to decline in a weak position. At the beginning of the week (20th and 21st), Shandong big factory lowered the organosilicon DMC price again by 600 yuan / ton, and the organosilicon DMC price of the factory fell to 20200 yuan / ton. Leading manufacturers also lowered the price of organosilicon DMC by 1000 yuan / ton. The price of organosilicon DMC in this factory was 20500 yuan / ton. Other factories mostly chose to follow the decline or not offer for the time being. As of the 21st, the ex factory price of domestic organosilicon DMC was around 20200-20600 yuan / ton, a decrease of 2.57% in two days and 6.39% in late June. At present, the overall trading atmosphere in the floor is calm, with the downstream mainly watching the market, some downstream digesting the early inventory, and some downstream replenishing according to their own conditions or bargain hunting.


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In terms of upstream metal silicon, the domestic metal silicon market has been mainly rising recently (6.13-6.21). At present, the metal silicon has a strong bullish atmosphere, and the early losses have led to a strong willingness of silicon factories to raise prices. At the beginning of the week, the large northern factories took the lead in raising prices, leading some small and medium-sized enterprises to follow. As of June 20, according to the price monitoring of the business community, the average reference price of 441\, Compared with June 13 (17240 yuan / ton), it increased by 12.78%.


Aftermarket forecast of organosilicon DMC


At present, the demand side of the organosilicon DMC market is still relatively quiet as a whole. On the demand side, the downstream mainly takes a wait-and-see approach to the fluctuation of the market. On the supply side, the rising market of raw metal silicon has given organosilicon DMC some cost support. The organosilicon DMC datagrapher of the business society believes that in the short term, the domestic organosilicon DMC market is mainly adjusted and operated in a narrow range, and the specific trend needs to pay more attention to the basic changes in the supply and demand side.

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