On September 23, the price trend of China’s domestic phthalic anhydride market rose

According to the monitoring of business society, the market price trend of domestic phthalic anhydride rose. As of the 23rd, the quotation of phthalic anhydride was 7312.5 yuan / ton. The spot supply on the site was tight and the sales situation was general.

Benzalkonium chloride

The recent market price trend of phthalic anhydride is mainly rising, the delivery situation of phthalic anhydride market is normal, the recent downstream demand changes little, the upstream orthobenzene price trend remains stable, and the plasticizer market fluctuates and decreases. Due to the impact of dual control, the domestic spot supply of phthalic anhydride is tight, and the market price trend of phthalic anhydride is rising. The operation of domestic phthalic anhydride manufacturers maintained a low level, the operating rate of phthalic anhydride in the field was less than 60%, the domestic spot supply of phthalic anhydride was tight, the market price trend rose, the downstream plasticizer industry market was general, and the actual transaction was normal. The market price of phthalic anhydride in East China is rising, and the high-end transactions on the floor are limited. The mainstream of adjacent France source negotiation in East China is 7300-7500 yuan / ton, and the mainstream of naphthalene method source negotiation is 7000-7100 yuan / ton; The mainstream quotation of phthalic anhydride market in North China is 7300-7400 yuan / ton. The wait-and-see mentality of phthalic anhydride still exists in the field, and the downstream is mainly purchased on demand. The recent plasticizer market is poor, and it is expected that the market price of phthalic anhydride will still rise in the later stage.


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