The price of potassium chloride was temporarily stable this week (9.6-9.10)

1、 Price trend

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As can be seen from the above figure, the comprehensive price of potassium chloride is temporarily stable this week. The average price of mainstream comprehensive quotation of potassium chloride this week is 3210.00 yuan / ton. Overall, the potassium chloride market was temporarily stable this week, and the potassium chloride commodity index was 101.90 on September 10.

2、 Market analysis

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The quotation of mainstream potassium chloride manufacturers this week is temporarily stable: the factory quotation of Qinghai Salt Lake potassium chloride at the weekend is 3270 yuan / ton, which is temporarily stable compared with that at the beginning of the week; Anhui kaimi’s potassium chloride distribution quotation is 3650 yuan / ton, which is temporarily stable compared with that at the beginning of the week. There is a tight supply of marketable potash fertilizer in China. Although the production enterprises are fully engaged in production, the operating rate is slightly low and the self-sufficiency rate is insufficient. At the same time, the delivery of international potash fertilizer suppliers is delayed and the arrival at the port is limited.

3、 Future forecast

In mid September, the overall trend of potassium chloride market may fluctuate slightly. The international demand for potash fertilizer is strong, but the domestic available supply is in short supply. Potassium chloride analysts of business society believe that the short-term potassium chloride market is dominated by high-level consolidation under the influence of supply and demand and raw materials.

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