Weak demand in peak season and high nickel price callback

1、 Trend analysis

Sodium Molybdate

According to the nickel price monitoring of business society, spot nickel fell slightly on the 13th, and spot nickel was reported at 153383.33 yuan / ton, down 1.11% from the previous trading day. The high correction of nickel price is mainly caused by fear of high prices. Since the end of April, nickel price has been a volatile upward trend. In terms of fundamentals, the rainy season in the Philippines is approaching, and the tight supply supports the nickel price. The downstream stainless steel production is constantly limited, multi plant maintenance, and the output in September is low, affecting the demand for nickel. In terms of downstream new energy, the performance is still acceptable. In August, the wholesale sales of new energy passenger vehicles and retail sales of new energy passenger vehicles increased to varying degrees.

Forecast: tight supply support and limited demand for stainless steel. It is expected that the nickel price will mainly fluctuate in a wide range in the short term.


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