On July 28, the market price of styrene butadiene rubber decreased slightly

Trade name: styrene butadiene rubber 1502

Sodium Molybdate

Latest price (July 28): 13733 yuan / ton

Key points of analysis: according to the monitoring of business society, the domestic styrene butadiene rubber price was 13733 yuan / ton on the 28th, down 0.24% from the previous day. Recently, the price of natural rubber fluctuated in a narrow range below 13000 yuan / ton, which had a negative impact on styrene butadiene rubber. The price of raw butadiene stabilized, the price of styrene fluctuated at a low level, and the ex factory price of petrochemical manufacturers was reduced by about 300 yuan / ton on the 27th and 28th. Some traders’ offers followed the downward trend, and the overall trading atmosphere of the market was light.

Future forecast: the low price of natural rubber fluctuates in a narrow range, and the rise of raw material price gradually stops. On the whole, the impact on styrene butadiene is mainly empty, and it is expected that styrene butadiene rubber will be weak in the short term.


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