At the beginning of this week, the price of ethyl acetate continued to decline, stopped falling at the weekend and picked up slightly

This week (July 19-23), the price of domestic ethyl acetate continued to decline. After a continuous decline in July, it stabilized slightly at the weekend, and the prices of most manufacturers stopped falling. According to the monitoring of business society, the rise and fall range of this week was 1.16%, and the prices of some domestic manufacturers fell. At present, the price is in the range of 8250-8550 yuan / ton.

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First of all, from the perspective of the upstream acetic acid market, the acetic acid price stabilized after falling this week. According to the monitoring of the business society, since the beginning of July, the acetic acid price has continued to decline, but the decline has slowed down significantly this week, with a weekly decline of 0.5%, mainly due to the poor market atmosphere and the continuous downturn of downstream demand. Affected by this, the acetic acid production enterprises have reduced the unit load, reduced the supply and output, and the manufacturer’s price has gradually stabilized, Stopping the decline of costs has brought some support to the ethyl acetate Market.

In addition, from the perspective of supply and demand of ethyl acetate, first of all, the supply of ethyl acetate at the supply side declined slightly. The equipment maintenance of main manufacturers in Shandong Province and the reduction of supply are expected to bring benefits to the market. On the demand side, in addition, the price is relatively low, the downstream procurement is slightly large, replenishment and hoarding coexist, and the manufacturer has a strong willingness to support the price, but it is still in the off-season of the market, and the continuous follow-up of the downstream needs to be further observed.

In the future, the ethyl acetate analyst of business society believes that with the full load operation of the unit in Guangxi and the stable production, and the resumption of production of two units next week, it is expected that the recent supply increment of ethyl acetate will be obvious. On the premise of no significant improvement on the demand side, it is unlikely that the price of ethyl acetate will continue to pick up.

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