Stable operation of PET market

According to the data monitored by the business community, as of July 19, the average price of pet water bottle manufacturers was 7170.00 yuan / ton. The overall pet market was running smoothly, with a slight upward trend. The quotation of manufacturers increased slightly, up 6.22% compared with the same period last month.

Sodium Molybdate

Recently, the price of pet market is mainly stable, with some manufacturers’ prices rising slightly and rising narrowly. At present, the pet inventory is normal, and the downstream just needs to purchase. The purchasing enthusiasm is general, and the negotiation focus is stable. The mainstream price range of pet is about 7200 yuan / ton.

On July 18, the rubber and plastic index was 806 points, which was the same as yesterday, decreased by 23.96% compared with 1060 points (2012-03-14), the highest point in the cycle, and increased by 52.65% compared with 528 points, the lowest point on April 6, 2020( Note: period refers to the period from December 1, 2011 to now

Business community pet analysts believe that: in the short term, pet prices rose slightly, the center of gravity moved up( To learn more about the latest market trends, please pay attention to the official account of the business community, get information on goods, and grasp the price of commodities.

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