PS trading volume enlarge, price temporarily stable

1、 Price trend


Benzalkonium chloride

According to the monitoring data of business news agency, the average price of PS (GPPS 525) was 9766 yuan / ton on March 29 at the beginning of this week, and 9766 yuan / ton on April 2 at the end of this week, which was stable% and increased by 26.84% compared with the same period last year.


2、 Market analysis


This week, PS market was temporarily stable, raw material styrene rose, coupled with low volume trading, offer has a certain rise. Buying high mood cautious, small and medium-sized downstream to pull up after the decline in acceptance of the source of goods, contract volume. In the East China market, the benzene penetration revenue was 9900-13300 yuan / ton, with the low end up 300 yuan / ton and the high end up 200 yuan / ton.


In terms of cost, the strong rise of raw material styrene has driven the cost center to move up and the cost support is strong. On the supply and demand side, the PS inventory decreased significantly and the market supply pressure decreased, but the acceptance of small and medium-sized downstream to the higher supply decreased, or inhibited further upward space. It is estimated that benzene penetration in East China market will be 10000-13500 yuan / ton.


3、 Future forecast


PS market shipment situation has improved, business light warehouse based, coupled with the cost performance is fair, some or a small rise, short-term PS market or narrow strong.

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