The price of epoxy resin reached a new high in March

The domestic epoxy resin market continued to rise in March. According to the monitoring data of business society, the offer of East China liquid resin in early March was 31500 yuan / ton, and rose to 34000 yuan / T at the end of the month. The current liquid resin price has reached the peak in nearly three years. In the factory, the factory also rose in March, and the factory orders are full. Among them, Yangnong Jinhu offer reached 34600 yuan / T, Nantong Xingchen offer reached 33500 yuan / T, and Baling Petrochemical increased 1000 yuan / T to 34000 yuan / ton again at the end of the month. Solid resin around Huangshan was also greatly improved, and the offer entered into the “three” state. The offer around Huangshan was 28000-29500 yuan / ton, which increased greatly.



Epoxy resin has been crazy upward. On the one hand, the downstream market orders are constantly, and the factory delivery is under no pressure. On the other hand, under the stimulation of mutual benefit, the upstream raw material bisphenol A has reached “sky price”, and the cost support is strong, and the other important raw material epichlorohydrin is also catching up, further stimulating the epoxy resin to continue to catch up.


Up to now, with the increase of export orders, the overall low level of epoxy social inventory, the price has been increased every day. Many downstream in the early stage are short-term bearish. With the completion of inventory consumption, they have to accept high prices. It is heard that orders of a large enterprise have been completed in April, and downstream procurement is to be arranged to collect goods. According to statistics, half of the enterprises order to the late April, short-term liquid resin supply is tight It is difficult to alleviate the situation.


In terms of cost, the bisphenol a market, one of the raw materials, has gradually intensified the contradiction between supply and demand, and the downstream epoxy resin industry has been greatly up. In March, the market of BPA rose 8.75%. In the early months, it made a short-term correction under the rapid rise in the early period. At that time, in the high market, the downstream had obvious conflict with high prices, and there was continuous profit plate shipping, and the market entered a short-term small reduction The state of the system. After about a week, the contradiction between supply and demand of BPA intensified. Although BPA was high, it entered the price rising state again under the pressure of market supply. Then, with the end of the month approaching, the contract volume was completed, the market supply tension was difficult to alleviate, and the carrier was positive in mentality, and the price could not be pushed up again. According to the monitoring of business agency, bisphenol a rose from 24366 yuan / ton to 26500 yuan / ton at the end of the month from the beginning of the month. The business agency expects that BPA will continue to be high in April, and the BPA plant is currently at a high level. However, the next overhaul will begin in the middle of April. The overhaul period is one month. Sinopec Mitsui also has a short-term overhaul plan in April. At present, the imported goods source is high. Under the condition that the supply side tension is difficult to alleviate, the downstream liquid resin will continue to be well supported, and the dual phenol a plant will be under the condition of difficult relief of supply side tension Phenol A is still high in short term.


The market of epichlorohydrin, another important raw material, also showed a positive upward trend. In March, upstream propylene was supported, and the upstream upward power was insufficient at the beginning of the month. In the later period, under the influence of the high level of bisphenol A, the market center of gravity increased. According to the epichlorohydrin analyst of business agency, the cost side of propylene epoxypropane is generally supported in the near future, the glycerine method cost support is relatively strong, the firm has strong willingness to store a strong price, coupled with the increase of export orders, which will boost the market mentality, and the low price supply in the site is reduced. The downstream small orders need to be replenished first. It is expected that in the short term, the epichlorohydrin market will be on the rise, and more attention should be paid to the market information guidance .


In terms of the unit, the liquid epoxy resin plant is in normal operation, with the overall operating rate at a high level. Most of the plants have delivered the orders in the early stage. Some of the products in some factories can be supplied in the spot market. In March, the overall commencement rate is 80%, and the delivery order in March has increased significantly, so the supply tension is difficult to alleviate.


From the perspective of business agencies, the shortage of epoxy resin market is difficult to alleviate in a short time. Before, due to the demand of wind power industry, the downstream electronic appliances, coatings and materials have been improved. The demand is still high. The business agency expects the short-term epoxy resin market to continue to rise, but the high cost transfer also needs time digestion, and the downstream order situation will continue to be concerned.

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