Industry chain boosts prices of viscose staple fiber

According to the price monitoring of the business association, as of February 23, 2021, the average ex factory price of 1.2D * 38mm viscose staple fiber in China was 13816 yuan / ton, up 7.11% from the beginning of February. From the beginning of January 2021, the domestic viscose staple fiber price continued to rise, to the recent straight-line rise in prices. Chemical fiber factories have enough orders and report high.



Market of wood pulp and cotton linter


According to the data monitoring of the business news agency: with the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the market operating rate recovered, downstream stock and other factors, the demand side increased, and the price of domestic pulp continued to rise; on February 22, the average market price of softwood pulp in Shandong was 6812.5 yuan / ton, up 300 yuan / ton compared with that before the festival.


Since December, the supply of cotton linter has been reduced, and the production and sales of downstream chemical fiber plants and refined cotton plants have increased. Cotton linter due to rising costs, less volume, cotton linter partial price has improved, cotton linter overall stable bullish.


Downstream cotton yarn Market


The price of rayon yarn continued to rise due to the cost, and the transaction performance was good. As of February 22, according to the data monitoring of the business society, orders increased after the festival, and the quotations of rayon yarn manufacturers increased significantly. The average ex factory price of 30s rayon yarn in Shandong was 19000 yuan / ton.


Future forecast


The price of viscose staple fiber continues to rise. With the help of the whole industrial chain, some buyers chase up and buy. After the downstream mills return to work, they also need to replenish. At present, the demand gap is large, and the factory inventory is low, so the price will continue to be strong.

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