Analysis of PS market on July 17

1、 Price trend


Benzalkonium chloride

WTI crude oil futures settlement price in August 2020 was US $40.62 per barrel, down 0.01 US dollars / barrel, or 0.02%, with the trading range of 39.9-40.95 US dollars / barrel; the futures settlement price of Brent crude oil in September 2020 was 43.08 US dollars per barrel, down 0.02 US dollars / barrel, or 0.05%, with the trading range of 42.46-43.45 US dollars / barrel.


2、 Market analysis


Price: the mainstream quotation of GPPS is 8200-9300 yuan / ton, and that of hips is 8450-10200 yuan / ton. PS market trend is mainly stable, with a small drop in quotation. Market inquiry atmosphere is general. Small and medium-sized downstream enterprises still purchase on demand, and the actual transaction is slightly light.


3、 Future forecast


PS market price part of the soft, trading atmosphere depressed. Crude oil, styrene and other falls, the industry more risk averse wait-and-see sentiment, some brands offer lower, but most of the brand adjustment space is limited. The market is weak, and the actual transaction is sporadic.

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