The price of polyacrylamide dropped slightly this week (8.4-8.9)

Commodity Index: On August 9, the polyacrylamide commodity index was 100.41, which was the same as yesterday. It was 6.27% lower than the peak of 107.13 points in the cycle (2019-05-08), and 4.90% higher than the low of 95.72 points on April 10, 2019. (Note: Period refers to 2019-04-01 to date)


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Price quotation: According to the monitoring data of business association (, on August 1, the mainstream price of polyacrylamide (cationic) market was about 16466.67 yuan/ton, and on the 9th, 16433.33 yuan/ton. This week, the market showed a slight downward trend. At present, the main quotation range of domestic market of polyacrylamide is: cationic (PAM, molecular weight 12 million) quotation is about 16200-18100 yuan/ton, anionic (PAM, molecular weight 12 million) quotation is about 10000-12100 yuan/ton. In late last month, some markets were affected by the notice of environmental shutdown. Some manufacturers in Gongyi City stopped production. Some manufacturers had sufficient supply of goods. Some manufacturers reported that prices would rise in the future. However, the market outside Henan was not affected much. On the premise of stable downstream demand, prices fell somewhat this week.

Industry chain: It is known that the price of acrylonitrile in the upstream is about 11750 yuan/ton on the 5th day of this week, and 12000 yuan/ton on the 9th day, with a weekly increase of about 2.13%. The downstream demand has not changed much. It is understood that the current production of polyacrylamide manufacturers is normal, this week the upstream and downstream has little impact on it.

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Industry: On July 26, the water purification and environmental protection enterprises of Yongan Road Street Office in Gongyi City, Henan Province, received the “stop-production notice”. The notice requests that according to the analysis of the environmental pollution situation and the future polluted weather situation in the whole city, the city attack and fortification office require all the deep treatment enterprises to stop production and control before acceptance, and dispatch or control according to fortification or fortification. After acceptance, it can be returned to production. Gongyi City, Henan Province, issued a circular on the deep management of enterprise shutdown management (see below): ___________.


Future Market Forecast: At present, there is no market expectation that some manufacturers in the early stage believe that the price of products will rise frequently and the range is “hard to say” during the shutdown period, and the output of some local manufacturers is not affected. Some of the major quotation companies currently monitored by business associations are in normal start-up and good supply. They continue to pay attention to the follow-up market changes under environmental protection requirements.

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