The price of hydrogen peroxide rose this week (April 8-12)

According to the business community monitoring: hydrogen peroxide market continued to rise this week. The market average price of 27.5% hydrogen peroxide at the beginning of the week was 1067 yuan/ton, and that of 27.5% hydrogen peroxide at the end of the week was 1117 yuan/ton, up 4.68%.

Since April, the start-up rate of hydrogen peroxide terminal plants has increased, and the demand for rigidity has increased. This week, the price of hydrogen peroxide is rising again. The price of hydrogen peroxide in Hebei has exceeded 1100 yuan/ton, while the mainstream price is 1160-1200 yuan/ton, and the price has risen by 60-100 yuan/ton. Shandong mainstream offer 1000-1100 yuan/ton, price rise 50-100 yuan/ton. Anhui mainstream offer 1200 yuan/ton, price rise 100 yuan/ton.

Business Club hydrogen peroxide analysts believe that: terminal rigid demand support, the future market of hydrogen peroxide is easy to rise and difficult to fall.

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