This week, the domestic acetic acid market is rising steadily (9.10-9.14)

First, the price trend

According to the data monitoring of the business community, the domestic acetic acid market was stable in the week. At the beginning of the week, the domestic average price of acetic acid was about 4,200 yuan / ton, and the weekend was about 4,328 yuan / ton, which rose by 3.06% during the week, which was higher than the same period of last year. 40.89%.

Second, the cause analysis

Products: This week, the domestic acetic acid market has large regional differences: the northwest region is affected by transportation control, and the price of acetic acid has increased significantly. The enterprises in Henan province have been sold at low prices in the early stage, and now there are few stocks and more limited sales, and prices continue to rise. Potential; the spot supply in North China and East China is tight, the company’s inventory is low, and the current long-term and export orders. In terms of construction, this week, Celanese and Anhui Huayi have been running negatively. Tianjin Bohai Chemical has temporarily parked for 3 days, and other acetic acid production enterprises are operating normally. At present, the price in Henan is about 4200-4300/ton; the price in Shandong is about 4400 yuan/ton; the price in Hebei is 4300 yuan/ton; the price in Tianjin is 4250 yuan/ton, and the price in Shaanxi is 4200 yuan/ton. The price in Jiangsu is 4,400 yuan / ton, the price in Zhejiang is 4,550 yuan / ton, and the price in South China is 4,400 yuan / ton. The actual transaction price of each region is slightly lower than the quotation, which is mainly based on the negotiation.

Industry chain: upstream, this week, the domestic methanol market price surged and stabilized. At the beginning of the week, the domestic methanol market average price was 3035 yuan / ton, the weekend reported 3137 yuan / ton, the weekly increase of 2.96%; this week, the downstream acetate, acetic acid Ethylene and other industries performed strongly. Due to the proximity to the two festivals, enterprises actively purchase and stock up; this week, PTA was affected by the high price in the previous period, and the price has dropped slightly. The current price is about 9,100 yuan / ton.

International: This week, affected by the restart of Texas BP equipment, the North American acetic acid market fell sharply and is currently quoted at around US$910/ton. The Asian acetic acid market is affected by Sino-US trade war and RMB depreciation. Downstream customers are slightly in conflict with high prices. Acetic acid prices Concussion adjustment, currently quoted at 595-645 US dollars / ton; European acetic acid market affected by the increase in supply, acetic acid prices fell slightly, currently quoted at 870 euros / ton.

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Third, the market outlook

At present, the overall operating rate of the acetic acid industry remains high, the company has long-term contract orders, low stocks, and some regions still sell goods. The overall demand of the downstream industry is stable, domestic demand is good, and the demand is close to double-segment, users are more bullish, so there are many Stocking intentions.


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