Chile’s August copper export revenues fell, due to Sino-US trade tensions affecting copper prices

Santiago, September 7 news, the Chilean central bank released a report on Friday showed that Chile’s trade deficit in August was $302 million, which was the first time in two years that the deficit was recorded, while copper export revenue fell.

August copper export revenue fell 13% from the same period last year to 2.741 billion US dollars, due to Sino-US trade tensions affecting copper prices.

ammonium persulfate

Chile is the world’s largest copper producer.

August 2018      July 2018      July 2017
Trade balance (million USD)        302                   375                676
Export ($1 billion)                         6.232              6.176             6.294
Imports ($1 billion)                       6.534               5.801               5.527
Copper export revenue ($1 billion) 2.741            3.004             3.176

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