The sulfur market continued to rise in August, with a monthly increase of 30.08%

According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of the Business Society, the sulfur price trend in East China continued to rise in August, with a strong upward trend in the market. On August 31st, the average ex factory price of sulfur in the East China region was 1110.00 yuan/ton, an increase of 30.08% compared to the average ex factory price of 853.33 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month.


Benzalkonium chloride

During the month, the sulfur market in the East China region operated strongly, with a significant increase in price trends. The main reason is that the terminal phosphate fertilizer industry has strong demand, high procurement enthusiasm, increased downstream operating rates, and increased demand for sulfur. The sulfur market has good trading direction, smooth refinery shipments, low inventory, and higher manufacturer quotations. However, downstream demand has been steadily following up, boosting the market atmosphere, and the impact of buying and rising sentiment has continued to rise in the sulfur market.


The downstream sulfuric acid market rose significantly in August, with a market price of 160.00 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month and 294.00 yuan/ton at the end of the month, an increase of 83.75% within the month. The operation of domestic mainstream sulfuric acid manufacturers is supported, with stable market supply, high downstream product starts, and good demand support. In addition, with good foreign demand, the sulfuric acid market has a positive trading attitude, and the industry has a positive attitude, resulting in a significant upward trend in sulfuric acid prices.


Sodium Molybdate

The market of monoammonium phosphate rose significantly in August, with active stocking in the terminal industry. There were sufficient orders for monoammonium, and most manufacturers suspended their quotations. Cost support was positive, and downstream demand continued to follow. The market mentality was optimistic, and the focus of monoammonium transactions continued to shift upward. As of August 31, the average market price of 55% powdered monoammonium was 3000.00 yuan/ton, which was 2633.00 yuan/ton compared to the average price on August 1, and the price increased by 13.92%.


In the future market forecast, sulfur analysts from Business Society believe that the sulfur plant is operating normally, manufacturers have no inventory pressure, downstream orders on the demand side are sufficient, and construction continues to be high. The downstream market continues to be bullish, with a positive attitude among the operators. The sulfur refinery is actively shipping, and with good demand support, it is expected that the sulfur market in the future may continue to be strong, with a slight slowdown in the upward trend. Specifically, we will observe the downstream acceptance of high prices.

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