The peak season in November 2022 is coming to an end, and the lead price fluctuates at a high level

In November 2022, the domestic market of 1 # lead ingot will fluctuate upward. The average price of the domestic market will be 15085 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month and 15475 yuan/ton at the end of the month, with a monthly increase of 2.59%.


Sodium Molybdate

On November 28, the lead commodity index was 93.97, down 0.03 points from yesterday, down 29.88% from the cycle’s highest point of 134.01 (2016-11-29), and up 25.91% from the lowest point of 74.63 on March 19, 2015. (Note: the cycle refers to 2011-09-01 to now).


The K-bar chart of commodity prices reflects the weekly or monthly price changes in the form of a bar chart based on the concept of price trend K-line. Investors can buy, sell and invest according to the changes in the K-bar chart. Red means rising; Green means: down; The height of the K column indicates the range of rise and fall. From the monthly K column chart, it can be seen that the lead price has fluctuated mainly in recent half a year, with the overall rise and fall within a reasonable range and a limited range. From the weekly K-bar chart, we can see that the lead price has fallen more or less recently, and it has declined overall, but the decline is small, and the overall trend is still dominated by narrow fluctuations in the off-season. After entering September, the lead ingot market began to recover. The peak season ended in late November, and the lead price declined.


Lead futures market in October 2022


Variety. Closing price on October 28./Closing price on November 28./Inventory on October 28./Inventory on November 28

Shanghai Lead/15050 yuan/ton/15580 yuan/ton/53693 tons/41180 tons

London lead./1992 dollars/ton./2122 dollars/ton./28250 tons./24350 tons

In the first half of November, the trend of the peak season continued, and the lead price rose significantly. Since the middle of November, with the cold weather, the peak season for battery enterprises has come to an end, and the lead price has been affected slightly, but it still remains at a high level. Fundamentally speaking, the import of ore end in terms of supply is still tight, the overall operating rate of domestic production enterprises has slightly increased, and the overall supply of lead has slightly increased compared with the early stage. However, as the price of lead ingots continues to rise recently, the downstream receiving of goods has slowed down to a certain extent, and the overall inventory of lead ingots has risen. The production of downstream battery enterprises has been good since entering the peak season, but as the weather turns cold, the peak season is coming to an end, and the market expects the demand for lead to decline in the future, but the recent export performance is fair, the export arbitrage window is open, the market expectation is fair, and the price remains at a high consolidation trend. On the whole, the lead ingot market is still positive. It is expected that the future market will remain stable and strong, and the short-term trend will mainly follow the macro factors.

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