The n-butanol market rose sharply and fell sharply in November (11.1-11.24)

According to the monitoring data of the business community, as of November 24, the reference price of n-butanol in Shandong Province was 7566 yuan/ton. Compared with November 1 (the reference average price of n-butanol was 7266 yuan/ton), the average price increased by 300 yuan/ton, or 4.13%.


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It can be seen from the data monitoring chart of the business community that since November, the domestic n-butanol market in Shandong has experienced a broad rise at the beginning of the month and then a rapid decline, and then entered the middle and late November stage. The n-butanol market as a whole is in a range shock operation. The following are the factors influencing the sharp rise and fall of n-butanol market:


Supply: At the beginning of November, due to the special period, the logistics and transportation restrictions in some areas of Shandong Province, the spot circulation of n-butanol in the plant was less. In addition, some plants were shut down for maintenance. At the beginning of the month, the spot supply of n-butanol was tight, and the supply side had no pressure to support the wide rise of the market.


Demand: At the end of October, the market price of n-butanol was relatively low. In November, the downstream of n-butanol was replenished on bargain, the trading atmosphere in the market was improved, and the supply and demand transmission was smooth. Therefore, at the beginning of the month, the demand side of n-butanol also welcomed a wave of positive support.


Under the dual support of supply and demand, n-butanol has risen by more than 8% in just three days as of November 3. However, it was also difficult to hold the high level. After the completion of the periodic stocking of n-butanol downstream, the downstream began to digest the raw materials, and the demand side of the n-butanol market gradually recovered to calm. After the support from the demand side of n-butanol loosened, the market price of n-butanol quickly fell back to a high level on the 7th, with a drop of nearly 6% in the third day.


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Compared with the “high opening and low moving” market at the beginning of the month, the n-butanol market did not fluctuate significantly in the middle and late November, and the overall narrow range of the market was adjusted. Near the end of the month, the downstream demand for n-butanol was slightly improved, and the inventory pressure of some factories was low. On the 23rd and 24th, the market price of n-butanol rose slightly again. As of November 24th, the market price of n-butanol in Shandong Province in China was around 7400-7700 yuan/ton. Compared with the beginning of the month, the price rose by 100-300 yuan/ton.


Post market analysis of n-butanol


At present, the trading atmosphere of n-butanol in the market is fair, and the mentality of the industry is improving. The n-butanol data engineer of the business community believes that in the short term, the domestic n-butanol market in Shandong will be able to steadily rise slightly, and the specific trend needs to pay more attention to the changes in the information on the supply and demand side.

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