The market of dichloromethane rose sharply (9.2-9.10)

According to the data monitoring of the business community, the market of dichloromethane rose sharply this week (9.2-9.10). As of September 10, the average price of dichloromethane bulk water in Shandong was 3160 yuan/ton, up 6.67% from 2962 yuan/ton last Friday. On the one hand, the price of raw material methanol has risen significantly since September, supporting the cost; On the other hand, Jinling, Jinyi and other methane chloride plants operate at reduced load and issue orders in limited quantities. The supply of goods in the region is tight; This week, manufacturers and traders’ offers continued to rise slightly.


Benzalkonium chloride

This week (9.2-9.10), the domestic methane chloride started to operate slightly, and the Jinling and Jinyi methane chloride plants operated at a reduced load with a total of 740000 tons/year. It supports the dichloromethane market.


This week (9.2-9.10), the spot price of methanol rose significantly, and the cost support strengthened. According to the business community, as of September 10, the spot price of methanol was 2714 yuan/ton, up 6.22% from 2553 on Friday. The domestic methanol market rose in shock. The main reasons are the short term shortage of supply and the short term rise in demand. The downstream receiving price has risen significantly. There is a demand for goods in stock. The traders’ mentality is stable and improving. The quotations of major manufacturers at ports and in the mainland have been continuously raised. Some manufacturers have been bidding well, mainly at a premium starting price. However, the rise in freight has restrained the growth of the internal real estate area.


Sodium Molybdate

With the arrival of the tenth quarter of the traditional “golden nine silver” season, the downstream thinner, cleaning and pharmaceutical industries have a small stock, and the support for dichloromethane has increased slightly.


Future market forecast: The analysts of methane chloride data from the business community believe that the domestic supply side of methane chloride has declined slightly in the short term, and the cost side has risen significantly. In addition, the downstream demand of Jinjiu has increased slightly. It is expected that dichloromethane will continue to rebound slightly in the later period, but the extent of the rebound is limited by the extent of the increase in demand side.

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