The price of hydrogenated benzene fell (from August 26 to September 2)

From August 26 to September 2, 2022, the ex factory price of hydrogenated benzene in North China decreased slightly and rose as a whole. It was 7766.67 yuan / ton at the end of last week and 7633.33 yuan / ton at the end of this week, down 1.72% week-on-week.


Benzalkonium chloride

Market price of main hydrogenated benzene in China this week (unit: yuan / ton)


Market. The price on August 26 and September 2 rose and fell

East China, 7700 ~ 7800, 7600 ~ 7700, – 100

Shandong, 7600 ~ 7700., 7500 ~ 7600, – 100


In terms of crude oil, oil prices rose as a whole last week due to OPEC + production reduction expectations. However, against the background of continuous interest rate hikes by central banks around the world this week, the market has become more worried about the impact of high inflation and interest rate hikes on the economy, and oil prices have fallen by a wide margin. As of September 2, Brent’s price fell by 7.97 dollars per barrel, or 7.89%, compared with last week; WTI fell by US $6.19/barrel, or 6.65%.


Summary of Sinopec pure benzene price adjustment (unit: yuan / ton)


Date, adjusted price, adjusted amount

August 2., 8650, – 200

August 4., 8450, – 200

August 5., 8150, – 300

August 11., 7950, – 200

August 16., 7750, – 200

August 18., 7500, – 250

August 30., 7600., + 100

On August 30, 2022, the ex factory price of Sinopec pure benzene was 7600 yuan / ton.


Quotations from other enterprises: 7650 yuan / T from Jingbo petrochemical, 7503 yuan / T from Weilian chemical, 7550 yuan / T from Xinhai petrochemical and 7750 yuan / T from Hongrun petrochemical.


Sodium Molybdate

The K-bar chart of commodity prices uses the concept of the K-line of price trend to reflect the weekly or monthly price changes in the form of a bar chart. Investors can buy, sell and invest according to the changes of the K-bar chart. Red indicates rising; Green means falling; The height of the K-bar indicates the fluctuation range. The weekly K-bar chart of pure benzene shows that after entering July, the price of pure benzene fell continuously and recovered slightly in late August and early September.


This week, the market price of hydrogenated benzene is weak on the whole, with few quotations from manufacturers. This week, the price of downstream procurement is obviously depressed, and most hydrogenated benzene enterprises are selling at reduced prices. The market turnover is general. In terms of fundamentals, the pure benzene market rose at the beginning of the week and held steady at the weekend. At the beginning of this week, the market mentality of pure benzene was boosted by the rise of both crude oil and styrene, and the price of pure benzene followed the rise. Sinopec raised the listing price by 100 yuan / ton, which again boosted the market mentality and led to the rise of local refining enterprises. The overall market trading is relatively active. At the weekend, with the decline of crude oil prices, the market atmosphere was affected to a certain extent, and the price of pure benzene remained temporarily stable. In terms of inventory, the inventory of pure benzene in East China port this week increased by 9400 tons to 59600 tons compared with last week, and the overall performance of the port is dominated by accumulation. In terms of downstream demand, styrene rose significantly this week, which supported the pure benzene market to a certain extent. In general, the supply of pure benzene is still relatively loose at present. In terms of demand, as the double festival approaches, the market is expected to see a certain increase in demand. The fundamentals of pure benzene are still weak as a whole, so it is expected that the price will be weak in the short term. In the future, we need to continue to pay attention to the impact of crude oil and external price trends, pure benzene port inventory and downstream operation on prices.

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