The PC market is narrow and weak, and the operation demand is flat

According to the data monitored by the business society, as of October 19, the comprehensive price of PC market was 24550.00 yuan / ton, and the PC market fell by a narrow margin, down 0.81% compared with the same period last week. The overall trend is weak. At present, the supply side is normal, the downstream procurement atmosphere is general, the inventory side is normal, there is no pressure, the shipment is slow, the contract customers are the main, and the number of new orders is limited.

Sodium Molybdate

The overall market price of domestic PC is narrow and weak, the demand follow-up is lack, and the favorable support is general. The mainstream price is about 24700 yuan / ton. The cost pressure still exists. At present, the supply side is normal, the logistics is smooth, the unit operating rate is normal, the manufacturer’s willingness to ship is strong, the aftermarket mentality is pessimistic, and the bearish atmosphere is strong.

The center of gravity of upstream bisphenol A is declining, the transaction atmosphere is flat, and the demand is weak. At present, the mainstream price range is around 22500-22800 yuan / ton. Merchants actively ship goods and give up profits. Bisphenol a commodity index: on October 18, the bisphenol a commodity index was 218.23, down 2.84 points from yesterday, down 22.94% from the highest point 283.19 in the cycle (2021-04-16), and up 202.72% from the lowest point 72.09 on April 6, 2020. (Note: the period refers to the period from March 1, 2020 to now).

Business community PC analysts believe that: in the short term, the PC market will remain stable, stable and weak. (to get more information about goods and to grasp the price of goods, welcome to subscribe to the business community through the official account of the business community).

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