The market of chloroform was stable this week (9.6-9.10)

According to the data monitoring of business agency, the chloroform market was stable this week (9.6-9.10), with the price of 3150 yuan / ton.

Sodium Molybdate

The load of domestic methane chloride plant decreased this week.

The price of raw liquid chlorine fluctuated slightly, the price of methanol rose sharply, and the cost support increased. According to the business agency, as of September 10, the price of methanol was 2822 yuan / ton, up 7.93% from 2615 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week; The mainstream ex factory price of liquid chlorine of tank car in Shandong Province is about 1100 yuan / ton.

The delivery of downstream refrigerants is slightly higher than that in the early stage, which just needs support for raw materials. In addition, the rising price of refrigerants has a certain bottom dragging effect on the price of chloroform.

Analysts of methane chloride data of business society believe that, on the one hand, the commencement of methane chloride units has decreased, and the cost side is still supported. It is expected that the trichloromethane market may rise slightly in the short term.

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