Demand fell, and the rise of hydrogen peroxide price slowed down

According to the monitoring data of business society, since August 3, hydrogen peroxide began to rebound, and the price rose steadily, with an increase of more than 6%. Since the end of the month, the terminal demand has decreased, the hydrogen peroxide market has been callback, and the market is weak and stable. As of September 3, the average market price of hydrogen peroxide was 846 yuan / ton, up 4.96% from August 3.

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The terminal demand increased, and the hydrogen peroxide market continued to rise in August

Since August 3, the market of terminal paper industry has been stable, the caprolactam market has been high, the purchase demand has warmed up, the order volume of hydrogen peroxide has increased, the manufacturer’s quotation has begun to rise, and hydrogen peroxide has begun to rise steadily. In the middle of the month, due to the shutdown and maintenance of some hydrogen peroxide enterprises, the demand for terminal rigidity increased, which was supported by benefits. Hydrogen peroxide still maintained an upward trend, with an increase of more than 6%.

After the end of the stock market, the weakness of hydrogen peroxide stabilized

Since the end of August, the hydrogen peroxide stock market has ended one after another, the terminal demand has slowed down, and the market has started to decline one after another. In the week from August 30 to September 3, the quotation of hydrogen peroxide manufacturers was stable, the market continued to be 846 yuan / ton, and the rise was stable.

The quotation of hydrogen peroxide manufacturer on September 3 is as follows:

Luxi Chemical offered 27.5% hydrogen peroxide at 800 yuan / ton, stable; Anhui Quansheng chemical quoted 920 yuan / ton of 27.5% hydrogen peroxide, and the price fell by 30 yuan / ton; Zhengyuan chemical fertilizer 27.5% hydrogen peroxide quoted 820 yuan / ton, stable; Shandong Huatai 27.5% hydrogen peroxide quoted 850 yuan / ton, stable.

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On September 3, the commodity price index of hydrogen peroxide and caprolactam was 84.41, down 1.03 points from yesterday, down 61.48% from the highest point 219.12 in the cycle (2020-10-27), and up 3.80% from the lowest point 81.32 on August 3, 2021( Note: period refers to from January 1, 2019 to now)

The terminal caprolactam was supported by the rise of raw materials, and the manufacturer’s shutdown and maintenance price rose all the way. From mid August, the price began to rise continuously, rising to September 3, an increase of 3.51%. Due to the shutdown and maintenance of manufacturers, the purchase demand for hydrogen peroxide has decreased, which has limited the rising market of hydrogen peroxide to a certain extent. In the future, it is still expected to continue to lead the rise of hydrogen peroxide price.

On September 3, the price comparison index of hydrogen peroxide and corrugated paper was 112.42, up 0.4 points from yesterday, down 54.30% from the highest point 246.00 in the cycle (October 21, 2019), and up 4.54% from the lowest point 107.54 on January 29, 2019( Note: period refers to 2017-01-01 to now)

Since the beginning of August, the corrugated paper of hydrogen peroxide terminal has also started a rising market, driving the rise of hydrogen peroxide Market. From August 3 to September 3, the maximum increase of corrugated paper was more than 5%. In early September, the market also fell one after another. To some extent, it suppressed the rise of hydrogen peroxide Market.

Business agency hydrogen peroxide analyst Li Bing believes that: the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, the demand for terminal paper industry is improving, and the future market of hydrogen peroxide is still expected to usher in rising space.

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