MDI market prices are rising

The quotations of major manufacturers increased, the domestic aggregate MDI market recovered slowly, and traders were bullish. Wanhua controls goods, which helps the bullish atmosphere of the whole market.

povidone Iodine

According to the sample data monitored by the business agency, from August 20 to 27, the market price of domestic aggregated MDI increased from 18575 yuan / ton to 18825 yuan / ton, with a price increase of 1.35% in the cycle, a month on month decrease of 5.64% and a year-on-year increase of 29.16%.

Summary of domestic aggregate MDI market as of August 27:

Region, Wanhua goods, Shanghai goods

North China and Shandong 18800-19000 yuan / ton 18300-18500 yuan / ton

East China 18800 yuan / ton 18400-18600 yuan / ton

South China About 18800 yuan / ton 18300-18400 yuan / ton

Summary of domestic aggregated MDI traders as of August 27:


The main driving force of this week’s rise is that Yantai Wanhua new buy it now price remains stable and limited supply; The mentality of the industry was boosted, and there were fewer shipments at low prices in the market. In addition, the weekly price of Shanghai Kesi Chuang also increased, with less volume. However, with the operators gradually showing resistance to high prices and transaction difficulties, coupled with the new moon listing price announced by the main factories, the downstream is mainly on the sidelines.

In terms of enterprises, the MDI unit (300000 t / a) of Hungary boside chemical company, a subsidiary of Wanhua chemical, began to be shut down for maintenance on August 17, 2021, and the maintenance is expected to take about 50 days; The overhaul will carry out technical transformation of MDI unit. It is expected that after the completion of technical transformation, the production capacity of MDI unit will be increased to 350000 T / A.

In the future, business community aggregation MDI analysts expect that the domestic aggregation MDI market is dominated by narrow consolidation.

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