The market price of spandex was steadily sorted out this week

According to the price monitoring of the business society, the price of spandex today is 83200 yuan / ton, up 50 yuan / ton from last week, an increase of 0.06%. The market price of spandex was steadily sorted out this week. During the week, the spandex market remained at a high level, the upstream raw material market was consolidated and operated, the cost side support performance was acceptable, the spot supply in the field was still tight, the downstream market demand was followed up carefully, and the market atmosphere of all parties in the field was strong.

Sodium Molybdate

In terms of upstream raw materials, PTMEG is strong in the raw material market, pure MDI is in stalemate operation, the supporting role of the cost side remains stable, the manufacturers’ start-up is high, but the inventory is still low, the supply of some goods sources is still tight, and the supply of individual batches is slightly relieved compared with the previous period. Due to the weak follow-up demand in the terminal market, some customers set production by sales and just need to take goods, The imbalance between supply and demand in the overall market has not been improved yet.

Business analysts predict that the domestic spandex market is strong and stable, the raw material market remains basically stable, the cost support advantage of spandex is not obvious, the on-site operation is high, and the spot supply is still tight, but the manufacturer’s low inventory supports the price temporarily strong, but it is heard that the supply in the market is gradually loose, the demand in the terminal market is flat, and it is also affected by the mentality.

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